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Fine Art By Kree Arvanitas ........................................................................... STUDIO VISITS BY APPOINTMENT  at Gasworks Galleries, Email: rebeldogstudio[at]gmail[dot]com

Drawing on Nordic, Southeast Asian, African mythology and art, I see mythology through a cracked modern mirror, Apsaras becoming breast cancer survivors, bird messengers representing dead journalists. Here be dragons, bats, heroic warrior women. This is the way my brain works! 
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Left to Right:
"KALYANI" (1 +2) 5' x 6' acrylic canvas, 2016  SOLD;
 "FIRE KING'S DAUGHTER"  Red Gauntlet Series, 20" x 30" 2017 + Details;     
"Red Gauntlets," Red Gauntlet Series, 22" x 30"  2016;     
"Sankofa -Go Back & Get It," 16" x 20" 2017 + Details;      
"BLUE APSARA (Patroness of Breast Cancer Survivors)" Acrylic Mixed Media/Collage on Canvas  18" x 36"  2014 + Details;    
  "Flaming  White Apsara"  Acrylic Collage on Handmade Paper, decorated matt and frame, 21" x 25" 2013   
"Killing the Messengers"  Acrylic Collage on Canvas, 20" x 30" 2014  SOLD;    
 "108 B's"  Acrylic Collage on canvas board, 16" x 20" 2016  SOLD;     
"Dragon Season Mandala"  Acrylic / Henna Paste on Birch Panel, 18" x 18"  2015   SOLD;      
"DRACONES DUPLES"  Acrylic / Henna Paste on Birch panel,  14" x 14" 2017   SOLD;  
"Ba Birds Are Coming to Collect Your Soul," 12" x12" Acrylic on Canvas, 2012 SOLD;  
"GRANDMOTHER'S MAGIC," Acrylic on Canvas, 16" x 20", 2012 SOLD

Kalyani Detail
Kalyani Detail
Fire King's Daughter
Fire King's Daughter
Fire King's Daughter
Red Gauntlets
Sankofa Detail
Sankofa Detail
Blue Apsara
Blue Apsara
Blue Apsara Detail
Flaming White Apsara
Kiling the Messengers
108 Bs
Dragon Season
Dracones Duples
Ba Birds Are Coming for You
Grandmother's Magic
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